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a letter to our friends

when we first started this project, we had no idea what it would look like. all we knew was that we felt moved to act. with the pandemic, we have seen so many cases of bigotry and discrimination, violence and misinformation. however, the questions of race and xenophobia that we see today are not new. as we scrolled through Twitter/Reddit/etc., what scared us the most was seeing more and more young people spewing hateful comments

we’re no experts. we’re just a few college students. neither do we claim that we have all the facts. but — with the guidance and mentorship of our many teachers, advisors, family, friends, and others — we felt that it was time for us to join the larger conversation in the best way that we know how. 

and we want you to join us in these conversations. we’re not here to take sides, play politics, or tell you what to think. race, justice, and identity form an ongoing conversation — and we’re here to talk with you, not at you. if you can walk away inspired by even one of the narratives that we explore, we will know that we did our job.

through week-to-week topical discussions, bite-sized video content, and more, we wanted to make sure that young voices have a safe space to share how these questions of justice shape their unique experiences

we invite you to join us as we learn more together. 

from all of us — thank you, and welcome to synchesis.


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